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{Review} The Outcast Highlander by R.L. Syme

The Outcast Highlander (Highland Renegades, #1) - R.L. Syme

Run from his home by a father steeped in madness, Broccin Sinclair has found another family, a rogue band of like-minded Scots fighting for their land against the English king.  But when he’s wounded while hunting, far from anyone he knows now and closer to his lost childhood home, he’s returned to his remaining family against any conscious will of his own.


Driven from her own home by the English who have taken up residence there, Kensey finds help with strangers, people she knew long ago, the family of the terribly wounded man she insists upon helping.  But caring for his wounds finds her caring for his heart, and she begins to hope that he just might feel the same for her.  But raids and war are happening all around them, and Broccin is needed by the new “family” of fighters who took him in, leaving Kensey to wonder if they’ll ever have a chance at a life together.


TheVerdictI just don’t know.  There was so much I loved about the story that I was convinced halfway through that The Outcast Highlander would go on my ultimate favorites list.  I have a rather ridiculous affection for historical romance, and from the very beginning, this one was ramping up to be one of the best.  The full cast of characters was enough to confuse me in the first few pages, but once I was used to all the names and relationships, I loved that the story, though centered on a main pairing, was so well developed as to define all the other people we met along the way.


Lush descriptions of the landscape and just enough detail about everything else had me almost feeling like I’d hopped into a time machine and landed myself somewhere in the midst of history.  Kensey was smart and willful, and though she perfectly embodied a woman from a time when rights among females were few, she also came across as bright and independently thinking enough to make her own way if needed.  And that Broccin… He was kind and mysterious and sensitive and just everything a woman could want — all wrapped up in muscles and testosterone.  I also loved the adventure, the danger typical of that time, and the rather realistic way events unfolded without too much foreshadowing.  It definitely kept me guessing as I was quickly turning the pages to see what would happen next!


But then the end of the book came, and I kind of feel like I missed out on something.  It’s nothing for me to finish a book and want more, but that’s usually because I loved it so much that I didn’t want it to end.  In this case, I definitely loved it so much, but I found myself wondering how on earth that could be the end of it.  There was all this wonderful build up to their finally coming together, and there was certainly enough drama to entertain me throughout the story, but then it dawned on me.  After the obvious chemistry and passionate affection, there was one fade-to-black night, followed by a good bit of angst, followed by an excellent battle, and then a super-quick wrap-up.  While I can certainly say that the story was amazing, I feel like it ended just as things were going to get really good.



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