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{Review} Bursting with Love by Melissa Foster

Bursting with Love - Melissa Foster

After having been burned yet again by her on again off again celebrity boyfriend, Savannah Braden needs a break from everything. A break from the city, her job, and certainly from men. Signing up for a survival camping trip sounds like just the solution, a chance to concentrate on herself and regroup. There’s just the matter of that too sexy for words guide she can’t take her eyes off of.

Jack Remington is a broken man. Having lost his wife in a terrible accident, he’s abandoned his own life, leaving his job and family behind to live in the wilderness, away from everyone who blames him. Except he can’t get away from himself. And now he also can’t get away from the beautiful city girl taking part in his latest wilderness survival trip.

The Verdict: At the rate this is going, my reviews of books in this series will soon have to be done via audio tracks filled with nothing but sighs and squeals. I love this book way too much for words.

I’ve been itching to get to Savannah’s story for a while now. She just seemed like so much fun and so full of life and love for her family in the previous books that I couldn’t wait to step into her tale — and it was better than I could have imagined. However, I wasn’t very interested in Jack before now. He just seemed kind of reserved and boring, and while I knew he would come across a lot better in his own book, I had no idea he was the hottest man who ever (fictionally) lived. I may have to reread this one to stave off the withdrawal.

As usual, the characters didn’t play into the typical romance novel cliches. Jack was angry and brooding but never once took it too far, and Savannah, for all her understanding, never coddled him or compromised her own needs. Their chemistry was indescribable (seriously, sex in the woods is ridiculously appealing now), and even when things should have seemed like they were moving terribly fast, it all seemed so natural.

Like I said, it’s way too much for words, so while I could go on and on and on, I’ll just say I loved every delectable second of Savannah and Jack. The whole Love in Bloom series is pretty amazing, but Bursting with Love just blew me away. It’s sweet and heartbreaking and sexy and easily one of the best romances I’ve ever read.



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