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{Review} Against the Wall by Julie Prestsater

Against the Wall - Julie Prestsater

It’s been three months since Chase broke their engagement and broke Shelly’s heart, and as much as she wishes she could just get over him, seeing him every day at work makes that nearly impossible.  And it certainly doesn’t help that his new girlfriend is also ateacher, the one all their high school students are probably fantasizing about.


With her friends Mel and Matty, Shelly does her best to at least look like she’s unaffected, but after living with Chase, dating him for a decade of her life, moving on isn’t so easy.  Of course, it would be a hell of a lot easier if she had a clue where to go to meet men, or if the few men she did meet didn’t have “deal-breaker” written all over their mugs full of weak beer.  In fact, the only guy who seems to meet all her standards is Matty, but they’re such good friends that she doesn’t want to risk it.  But Matty’s not letting her get away so easily…


The Verdict: I expected this book to be a fun read — romances between best friends usually are.  I just didn’t expect it to be so incredibly awesome that I’d want to snatch up every other book in the series!  I’m pretty sure I was smiling from the very first word till the last.


Shel and her best friend Mel are absolutely hilarious.  Their constant banter, not to mention Shel’s never-ending stream of silent commentary, was just priceless.   Their friendship was deeper than crazy comments and laughing out loud, though — I don’t think I’ve read about a sweeter moment between friends than when Shel sat uncomfortably holding Mel’s hand while she slept.  If only everyone had a friend like that.


Shel’s situation was so true to life, too.  Okay, so not every woman has the perfect best male friend to fall in love with after a break-up, but anyone who’s ever lost a long-term relationship can absolutely identify.  As much as I wanted her to snap her fingers and instantly see that Chase was an ass undeserving of her time, much less her heart, her lingering feelings for him were so understandable.  I mean, even when relationships end in the worst way, there’s a part of you that just wants it all fixed, so things can go back to the way they were.


And Matty was simply to die for.  He was drop dead gorgeous, silly, sweet, and so incredibly patient with Shel that I wanted to snatch him up for myself.  Normally, I’d think a guy who put up with Shel’s indecision the way he did was a complete doormat, but he managed to pull it off in a way that was just so damned endearing — he was confident without being cocky, and omg the way he loved her!  If she hadn’t come to her senses and made a go of things with him, I would have just crawled into the book and taken him for myself.


Against the Wall is a funny, sweet, wonderful story about good friends, crazy family, and finding something better when everything you thought you wanted slips away.  I loved every single word of it!



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