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{Review} No Limits by Lori Foster

No Limits - Lori Foster

Cannon Colter never forgot her, the girl whose juvenile crush was so difficult to resist back when she was far too young for him. And now that she's back, forced to face the loss of her grandfather, the traumatic events that led her to leave in the first place, and a future made even more uncertain by a stalker ex-boyfriend, she's the only thing he can think about.


Yvette's tired of being the victim, but when she's thrust back into the city where her worst nightmares were created, she's not quite sure how to face them. Seeing Cannon brings back her best and worst memories, but she's still smarting from his refusal to give her a chance back when life was less complicated. It seems her grandfather's will has ensured they'll be seeing a lot of each other, and the last thing she wants to do is be a burden. But despite her efforts to set him free, he seems dead set on being as close to her as possible. And isn't that what she always wanted?


The Verdict: I really expected this book to be just another good-girl-falls-for-an-underground-fighter story, so I was thrilled when it turned out to be a hell of a lot more than that.


Cannon isn't your typical badass, and his fighting is for the ring only. Outside professional fighting, for which he's become a bit famous, he's more of a neighborhood peacemaker, content to resolve disputes with words instead of fists and always trying to do the right thing for people, even the young neighborhood punks who are one vandalism charge away from bleak futures. That characterization is a bit of an oddity for this genre, and it's certainly a welcome one. I mean, how many more emotionally damaged guys with anger issues are we supposed to read? That's not to say he never loses his temper, especially when Yvette's safety is in question, but the fact that he's just a genuinely good guy who happens to succeed in a violent sport makes him so easy to love. He's impossibly gorgeous, respectful of everyone, has women offering him any & everything, and yet he's kind and patient with Yvette. I just don't think he could have been written any better.


Yvette was a bit harder for me to understand, but I still liked the way she was portrayed. Sure, the ugly past she experienced would have screwed anyone up, and she was clearly still disturbed by it, but even as she was scared to be alone in that house, she did everything she could to not let her fear win. Still, while she may not have shrank away from sex or dating, it's clear her issues with intimacy were psychosomatic, and I was surprised that was never really addressed. I mean, she thought she was broken, and it's obvious that the reason Cannon was able to “fix” her had more to do with trust and transparency than just his being ridiculously talented –although he definitely was. In fact, those sizzling love scenes almost made up for the fact that the heart of Yvette's problem was left unmentioned. I certainly didn't want to sit through chapter upon chapter of therapy sessions, but I would have expected one of them to bring up the possibility that the problem was mental, not just physical. Other than that, they were wonderfully in tune with each other, and I love that while Yvette certainly didn't think she was unattractive, she was rather unaware just how many heads she turned.


One of the best parts of the story, though, was Armie. While Cannon got to be the sensitive but tough guy, and Yvette got to be the wounded but determined girl that he rescued, Armie added some pretty awesome humor. The video store scene alone was enough to make me love him, not to mention his quick move to step in when Heath was bothering Yvette. All in all, No Limits is a really fun, sweet love story with all the classic twists of a dramatic romance, and I can't wait to see where the series goes next. My fingers are crossed that we'll get another look at Armie, though, since I'm pretty sure he's my favorite sidekick in a long, long time.



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