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{Review} Lingus by Mariana Zapata

Lingus - Mariana Zapata

Kat Berger isn’t a prude by any means — which is probably a good thing, since her best friends are more than a little wild.  So when Nikki drags her along to a porn convention, she’s both embarrassed and intrigued, but then again, she’s already got the map memorized so she can get her favorite porn star’s autograph.   What she didn’t count on was meeting a tall, gorgeous man who is so down to earth she can’t help but be interested.  And she certainly didn’t count on later seeing him at his own booth, signing autographs for giggling, flirty fans of his adult movies.  Just her luck that she’d meet a great guy whose job it is to sleep with random, surgically enhanced women.  His request to be friends seems innocent and genuine enough, but it’s hard to separate the man she likes from the actor with a lifetime supply of condoms.


Judging Covers: I absolutely love the cover, but that’s probably just because gigantic dogs are my favorite people.  I have to wonder, though, if the cover is doing its job to attract the right audience.  I mean, sure, the book is great, complete with romance and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, so a big silly dog (that we meet in the book) on the cover is great, but does it really grab readers looking for a sweet, humorous love story?


The Verdict: I have to admit that I only picked this book up because it was cheap, and I knew it was popular back when it was Twilight fanfiction.  In fact, I probably have a PDF copy of the old version around here somewhere, since I obsessively download pretty much everything that people say is good.  But I did not expect to love this story as much as I did.


Kat is hilarious and so damned real that you can’t help but relate to her.  She says stupid things and has embarrassing moments and doesn’t have a perfect life or a lot of luck on the relationship front.  And Tristan is too damned cute with his “wanna be my friend?” bit, quickly becoming a part of her life, complete with pizza, movies, and ridiculous conversations about everything.  Her friends, Nikki and Zoey, are pretty standard for the fanfiction versions of Rosalie and Alice, but I loved them nonetheless.  They were brazen and brash and clearly some of the best friends a girl can have.  Even if Zoey/Alice is a porn star.  But what really stood out was the growing friendship and eventual love story between Kat and Tristan.


Contrary to what I thought when I first opened the book, it’s not all about sex.  In fact, probably 90% of the book is about a fun friendship between Tristan and Kat, and even though she’s got a pretty big crush on him, Kat’s not crazy enough to truly get involved with a man who does porn for a living.  She clearly loves him, and she does wish they could be more than friends, but his career is an insurmountable hurdle, and she doesn’t even know if he feels the same way about her.  She loves their time together, and a comfortable, sweet friendship blooms, but like I imagine most women would, she’s depressed and sick at the thought of what he does when he heads off to work.  It’s really a constant reminder of why they can’t be more.


Of course, the story has a happy ending, and while Tristan’s stage name and essentially being in disguise for his role isn’t altogether realistic, it does allow an opening for a change, for a real relationship once he realizes what he really wants in life.  I’m not sure men in porn are as upstanding as Tristan is, but it still made for a wonderful, funny book and a surprisingly great romance.



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