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{Review} Not Yet by Laura Ward

Not Yet - Laura  Ward

Emma knows better than to trust men.  Sure, they can be charming and convincing, but when things get messy, they run for the hills.  So she grounds herself in school and family and doesn’t lay her heart on the line to be trampled over.  But then she meets Landon, a cocky, persistent lifeguard at the country club, and he turns all her preconceived notions upside down.  He’s funny and kind and sweet to her sister; he doesn’t push for more but makes sure she knows he’s all in.  And then the truth comes out…


The Verdict:  Wow.  I did not see that coming. At all. And it was incredible.  I went into the book expecting a somewhat typical rich-guy-wins-over-the-girl story, but that turned out to have very little to do with anything.  Instead it’s a fairly simple love story wrapped up in a very complicated situation, and every moment was a new surprise.


When Emma first met Landon, he seemed a little too sure of himself, but don’t they always?  And super-responsible Emma knew better than to fall for a guy who was clearly used to getting everything he wanted.  I wondered a little about the age difference — only two years, but when it’s the difference between being in college and being done with college and on to a career, that can be pretty heavy.  But Landon was such a sweetheart and so much fun that it was impossible not to hope.  I was wondering how it would all play out when he had to go back the next semester, how they would handle the long distance thing or if Emma’s reluctance to consider the future would put a kink in things.  And then the whole story twisted up in the most unexpected way.


I love the way I never had a clue what was coming.  Not from the synopsis, not from heavy foreshadowing, not from obvious hints that readers always pick up on while characters always seem to miss.  The only clue that anything was on the horizon was when Dean asked Landon if he told her yet, and that wasn’t enough to keep me from being just as shocked and mortified as Emma was when everything became clear.  Unfortunately, to talk about the incredible way it all played out would be to completely spoil it, so I’ll just say that I’ve never been so completely entertained by an unexpected twist.


Not Yet shirks all the formulaic standards for romance and delivers something entirely new and unexpected to what most other authors would have undermined by spilling all up front.  The chemistry between the Emma and Landon is off the charts, and the turmoil that brings when the truth comes out is played perfectly.  If you’re looking for an entertaining love story that will keep you guessing and leave you just as torn as the characters are about what they want and what they should want, grab this book and get comfortable.  It’s a crazy, totally worth it ride.



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